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Adurel is designed for all types of roofing including: residential, commercial, industrial, and equine. Adurel can be applied to existing metal, BUR, modified bitumen, single ply, TPO, concrete, waterproofing, below grade protection, as well as new construction.

Adurel is a polymer built-up roofing system designed for long-term reliability in any climate and on any type of roof. Adurel can encapsulate and convert existing roofing systems to a renewed condition and provides superior performance for demanding applications in new construction.

Adurel is renewable on 5-15 year cycles by re-applying the topcoat. This will also give the customer a new factory warranty and can carry forward for the life of the building, permanently ending the tear-off cycle.

The Adurel roofing system offers the highest performing materials available today. Our contractors are professional and certified, ensuring you an advanced roofing system for the life of your home or building.

Adurel is considered a maintenance repair when applied over an existing roof and may be 100% tax deductible for that calendar year.

Adurel can be phased in starting with the seams or flashings to stop any leaks, followed by sectional completion that is dictated by the building's cash flow and the relative condition of the roof. This can reduce the yearly cash outlay by up to 80 percent. The owner then has the option of deducting the application as maintenance to maximize tax advantages.

Adurel meets the highest Energy Star requirements for both reflectivity and emissivity and reduces roof temperatures 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest days of the year. This cuts air conditioning costs and reduces thermal shock and stress on the building.

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