house with solarel roof

"From Roofing to Energy"

Advanced Solar Electric Integration
from Solarel™

Solarel™ combines the most advanced solar thin film technology with the Adurel Roof system for a combined single source waterproof and solar cell warranty at a greatly reduced applied cost.

Advantages of Solarel™

  • Broad Spectrum light recovery for maximum payback in low light conditions - even under snow.
  • Thin Film technology eliminates wind load engineering and structural fabrication costs.
  • Simple, quick installation reduces labor costs.
  • Lowest installed cost per watt generated.
  • Combined roof/solar warranty to 20 years that is sustainable and renewable for the life of the solar.
  • Adaptable to both low slope, metal roofing and walls.
  • Can utilize existing roofs as a base.
  • Excess power is sold to the grid in participating states to generate income or can stand
    alongside a battery back-up system.
  • Excellent for all applications from houses to industrial buildings.
  • Adurel roof systems are Energy Star, FM and UL rated and me et NSF-151
    for rainwater catchment and recovery.

These Solar systems can pay for themselves in four
years and generate income for the next 20 before renewal.

Solarel utilizes triple layer amorphous silicone for 20% more efficiency than poly-crystilline or mono-crystilline technology.

Solar systems are government and utility subsidized
in participating states for up to 80% cost reduction.

Cost Averages For Solar

$ W/p $7.50 - $10.00 Before Incentives
$ /KWh $0.12 - $0.20 After Incentives
Payback (simple) 4 - 20 years

Areas of high electricity costs will have greater payback.

For a Free Quote on installed costs, available incentives and expected payback click here.

Download the Solarel brochure.

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